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Our staff are the lifeblood of the Community Justice Center. They run our programs, complete vital administrative work, and make connections with program participants and community partners. Without their expertise and hard work, the CJC could not pursue its mission. Click on staff member names below to view their bios!






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Sheri Wiedenhoefer


It is inspiring every day to be a part CJC and ongoing healing work in my own faith and life in our community. My roots grew deep in the rural community of Reedley where I learned what restorative justice is through community initiatives with youth. This eventually led to engaging RJ in local, national, bi-national, and international peace building initiatives. My past role as director for the Fresno Pacific University’s Center for Peacemaking ended in 2020 when the rich history of restorative justice education and community-based programs (VORP and COSA) transitioned into the Community Justice Center. It gives me great joy to be a part of restorative justice (RJ) initiatives in schools, communities, and institutional systems.

Marcel Woodruff


Hello, I am Marcel Woodruff I am a native of Fresno California and graduate of Bullard High School. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Xavier University of Louisiana and my Master of Divinity from Fresno Pacific University. I have been a mentor, adviser, and life coach for Fresno youth primarily from the Southwest and Southeast areas of Fresno for 17 years and have worked with over 3000 youth in Fresno, Ca. I am the current Community Justice Network (CJN) Director and program strategist for Advance Peace Fresno. My primary focus is to work in organizing community generated antiviolence strategies that center healing and decolonization.

Jaime Leyva


Hello! My name is Jaime Leyva. I was born in Los Angeles California, and reside in the Central Valley. I am the COSA Program Director, a Substance Use Disorder Counselor and Mediator, and a Victim Offender Dialogue (VOD) Facilitator. Before coming to CJC I was a practitioner of non-violence programs, a mentor for at-risk youth programs, and a facilitator of various self-help groups such as cognitive behavioral therapy/intervention, criminal thinking, anger management, denial management, victims of impact, alternative to violence project, and substance abuse. Restorative Justice transformed my life as I witnessed reparations of harm caused through relationships and healing. I am system-impacted and restorative justice has guided my journey of living amends. Through volunteer work, I came across the former COSA Fresno Director Kimberly Gragston who introduced me to CJC. I joined the team and have been committed to creating a safe space for those that seek healing. Restorative Justice is more than a practice, it is a lifestyle.

Andrea Travers M.A., D.Min., CADCIII


I  have had a rich and varied career across many fields that focused on management and people/program development.  After 30 years in business, I entered the social service sector first through volunteerism, and later developed and managed programs in addictions/recovery, mental health and corrections.

As an experienced grant writer, I helped many agencies in the private and government sector find success receiving grant awards. I earned college degrees in Journalism, Communications, Addiction Counseling and Ministry, and as an ordained Interfaith Minister, I completed my doctoral work by translating the principles of A.A. in eight faith traditions being utilized in over 75 countries (http://www.12wisdomsteps.com).

I opened Stepping Stones in 2007, a supportive housing program that promotes early reunification of mothers with their children in foster care.

Since moving to San Diego, I co-authored a Restorative Justice-Reentry Prep program for the County Jails and have been engaged in reentry work as the Southern California Program Replication Coordinator for Insight Prison Project providing training and establishing the Victim Offender Education Program (VOEG) in three prisons. Through the Community Justice Center in Fresno, I recently started COSA (Circles of Support and Accountability) in conjunction with the San Diego Public Defenders.  I have 25 accumulated years of experience in the field of addiction recovery, 12 step research, prison ministry and restorative justice programming.

Jessica Torres


Hello, I’m Jess! I was born in Fresno and raised in Mendota, California. I am a proud Latina Mexico-Americana. Growing up, both my parents worked in the fields. They cultivated crops in the San Joaquin Valley and instilled in me hard work, dedication, and love for my community. Today I dedicate my life to cultivating healing and transformation in our beloved community through Restorative Justice. What brings me to CJC is fate and my passion to be of service. I believe together we can make a difference. Si se puede!

Mike Newman


My name is Mike. I’m here in Fresno because of COSA. I came here to start a new life, and COSA was the beginning of that life. Through COSA I met people who helped me branch out and discover new people and places. With encouragement from COSA, I went back to school and graduated from Fresno City College with an AS in Paralegal Studies. Graduating opened up my evenings and I began playing in the Fresno Senior Softball League, which eventually led me to playing for travel teams and playing in tournaments around California and other states. I have continued to volunteer in Circles, giving back what I got, and helping people navigate the constantly changing world beyond incarceration. Actually, working at COSA is the icing on the cake. Also, in my time at COSA and FCC I gained friends and family which has greatly enriched my life. Coming to Fresno/COSA has been the best decision I’ve ever made.

Leonard Smith


Hello, I am Leonard Smith. I was born in Fresno California, attended Edison High School in South West Fresno, and earned my GED while in Solano State Prison. While incarcerated I participated and facilitated groups that include Substance Abuse, Criminal And Gangs Anonymous, Victims Impact and several others. In 2016 I was introduced to Restorative Justice and my life was forever changed. Today I work for the Community Justice Center as a Restorative Justice Facilitator with community education/training, COSA circles, reentry circles and family group conference. I have mentored youth and adults in South West and South East Fresno for the past three years. Today I live my life by being a service to others helping them to heal and build a better community through Restorative Justice. 



Rachelle Schiller


Hello, I am Rachelle. I am originally from a small town in Southern California and made my way to Fresno to pursue higher education. I obtained my bachelor’s in psychology at Fresno Pacific University. There is where I was first introduced to Restorative Justice. Since my initial introduction to restorative justice, I have worked as a certified mediator, mental health specialist and case manager, and now reentry coordinator for COSA. I also have been trained in circle processing and victim offender dialogue. Being witness to how systems can impact an individual and a community is why I continue to commit myself to empowering others and creating space for healing in effort to bring restoration.

Eddie Cano


My name is Eddie Cano. I grew up in Sanger, in a relatively impoverished home, raised by a single parent in a loving family. Unfortunately, as a teen I gravitated towards gangs and addiction and spent 23 years of my life behind bars. I found myself through self-help groups. I am proud to say that through my connection with COSA I have been able to become a meaningful part of my community. I am humbled and honored to work with people who have a passion to encourage others to be the best they can be. Here at COSA, we strive to make our lives better one individual at a time.


Elfega Duarte


“Hello, I’m Elfega Duarte. Born and raised in the beautiful Central Valley (Visalia to be exact). I come from a family of immigrants, who like most of our community were seeking opportunity, a future and found their “home” in or around the Central Valley. Growing up I witnessed and experienced the “worst of the justice system”. These experiences shaped my belief of justice. My view of justice was punitive, and I was the person who was first to say, “lock em’ up”. In my journey to find my “calling” and an education I was introduced to “Restorative Justice”. With this new lens I gained knowledge, unforgettable experiences, met amazing people, found what I was searching for and found myself at the Community Justice Center, because I believe relationships are where we get to influence, impact, and change people’s lives.

Simrat Kaler


Hi there, Hola, and Sat Sri Akal! I am Simrat (Sim-Ruth). I am delighted to share with you that I am honored to implement Restorative Justice practices. I represent Fresno County which includes Clovis, Fresno, and Kerman. GO LIONS! My wisdom comes from experiencing a broken home and all the effects from that struggle. I received my bachelor’s in criminology with a focus on victimology from Fresno State. I am eager to create safe spaces for all who inquire about healing. Most importantly, I am grateful to be a part of the journey that allows individuals to seek their power and discover who they ARE. This work is more than a practice. It truly is a lifestyle that I hold close to my heart. It has made me who I am today, and I am proud of my healing.

Roger Brown


I’m Roger Brown, a former street dancer and rapper. My rap career has allowed me to create many relationships throughout the Central Valley. Training in time management communications, trauma informed care, strength woke awareness, mediation certification, and conflict redirection training has enabled me to transition the bridges of resources to mentees, youth, and adults. My previous work with Advance Peace Fresno structured my abilities to build relationships that helped lower the rate of gun violence in Fresno.  Whether it’s mentorship, creative ways of expression, food giveaways and/or conflict resolution, I am proud to be a resource and see my community thrive.