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The CJC does vital work in the community everyday to ensure that those reentering society do so in a way that sets them and the community up for success, that youth involved in the juvenile justice system are given the resources and assistance necessary to put them on a bright path instead of the path to prison, and that the community in general is a safe, welcoming place for everyone.



This work is important, but we cannot do it without your help. Maintaining our facilities, staffing, and programs is expensive. Without all three of these items the CJC cannot do effective work, so we are asking you to please look at the donation opportunities below and consider making a gift. Donations of any size are welcome, appreciated, and genuinely do help!

General Operating Support

If you would like to make an unrestricted gift to support the Community Justice Center's operations, you are in the right place. Unrestricted donations allow us to operate programs, keep the lights and water on in our building, pay our trained staff, and maintain the day-to-day operations that allow the CJC to do it's important restorative justice work in the community.



Support the CJC's Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA) program. COSA is an evidence-based program that fosters successful reentry to returning citizens, reduces recidivism, and promotes community in a prosocial environment.



Support the CJC's Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP). VORP works with youth in the juvenile justice system and their families, helping to restore and heal the relationship between the party that was harmed and the party that caused the harm.


CJC's Community Initiatives

Please consider supporting the CJC's Community Initiatives. This includes the Community Justice Network, community trainings, capacity building and professional training for CJC staff, certification programs, community outreach/engagement, and school-based initiatives.


Donor's Choice

Don't see the option listed for what you'd like to support? That's ok. You can donate in this category and write in exactly what you would like to support. We will make sure that your donation is applied only to the purpose you specify.


Donor Resources

We want to make it easy for you as a donor to manage your donations and financial information. Here, you can log in to your donor profile, manage your personal information, view your donation history, download donation receipts, and more. 

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