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Community Justice Center (CJC) creates change in the communities we serve through important initiatives such as:


1. COSA – Circles of Support and Accountability, an initiative which helps individuals re-enter their communities following incarceration. COSA initiatives are currently running in Fresno, San Diego, and Los Angeles.


2. VORP – Victim Offender Reconciliation Program, an initiative which helps youth involved in the juvenile justice system to examine their choices, make better ones, and hold themselves accountable for their previous and future actions.


3. Community Justice Network – Part of Fresno’s 10-year DRIVE initiate, which brings together multiple organizations, community resources, and people to make Fresno a more economically equitable sustainable place for all its residents.


4. The No More Blue Closet – a community justice initiative which provides clothing and basic necessities to those returning to the community following incarceration.


And so much more!

These initiatives don’t just touch the lives of system-involved individuals. They change the lives of entire families. They change entire communities and ripple out to positively affect thousands.

Join our community of change-makers, because together we are community justice. 

2 Additional Ways to Give


Scan the QR code with your mobile device’s camera.


To donate via text message…

to 53-555
How does your donation help?

A $1 donation pays for:

  • CJC Birthday Cards sent to individuals awaiting release from prison into COSA Fresno, LA, San Diego (300+ on a waiting list)
  • One bus ride to a job interview, VORP Insight Awareness CBI Class, or a COSA circle in Fresno, LA and San Diego

A $25 donation pays for:

  • A warm CJC welcome with snacks during classes, trainings, and meetings
  • Ordering a birth certificate upon release from long-term incarceration
  • A Live Scan FBI background check for volunteers

A $100 donation pays for:

  • Walmart Cards for purchasing basic necessities first week home
  • Four $25 scholarships for VORP mediator and COSA circle volunteer training
  • Contributes to keeping the lights on in the CJC Office
  • Cost of supplies for one Cohort of 20 participants in COSA’s new Full Circle program in Avenal State Prison

A $250 donation pays for:

  • Restorative Mediation processes, including initial victim/survivor meetings, responsible party meeting, family group conference, restorative mediation for all parties involved, and follow-up with victims/survivors and responsible parties
  • COSA Case Management meeting to develop a Wellness Plan for community reengagement in San Diego, Los Angeles and Fresno
  • One week of VORP Insight Awareness CBI (Cognitive Behavioral Intervention)
  • Courses for 10-12 youth with CJC facilitators, volunteers and staff
  • One community meeting with partners to collaborate, coordinate and co-create share community justice initiatives and outcomes

A $1,000 donation pays for:

  • First month’s rent in transitional housing and “firsts” cell phone, getting ID, bank accounts, job applications and interviews, transportation (securing a bike/bus passes)

A $2,500 donation pays for:

  • Complete restorative mediation process to address harm caused with victim/survivor, responsible party, family group conferences, agreements made and kept, community health and wellbeing
  • Total cost of a COSA circle for one year of case management
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