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Community Mediation

Vanna In’s Story

The majority of individuals who are living their life on an everyday basis do not need or desire conflict in their lives. And why should ...
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Photo of a man wearing a helmet, a dark shirt, and grey shorts. He is standing next to a red mountain bike with hills and trees behind him and he is giving a peace sign.

David’s Story

“We do not heal isolation. Connecting with others is how we develop compassion for others and for ourselves. A person is a person through other ...
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Photo of a group of 5 people meeting in CJC's offices for a VORP Circle. They are seated on couches and chairs and a man in blue is reading from a paper.

Michael’s Story

Here at VORP, we believe that true justice is Restorative. This belief allows us to address the harms and needs of those harmed as well ...
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